Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya

Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya

8858 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen-mura,
Nagano 389-2502, Japan


Check-in: 3:00pm – 7.00pm*
Check-out: 10:00am

*Please contact us if arriving after 7pm.

Getting to us

(based on 2018 rates)

Nozawa Liner bus is located right outside Iiyama station and the signs are well-posted in Japanese and English.

However, for Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya, we recommend taking the local Nagaden bus instead.

Alight at the last stop – Nozawa Grand Hotel bus stop and Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya is right across from the bus stop.

If you’re taking the Nozawa Liner bus, please alight at the last stop – Chuo Bus terminal and Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya is a 4 minutes uphill walk.

Walking directions:

1. Follow the main road from the bus terminal until you see an upward slope.

2. Walk up the slope.

3. Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya is on the left at the end of the slope.

4. If you are interested in shared taxi or airport bus shuttle, please contact us at least a week in advance.

Tip #1: Takkyubin (Courier Service)

If you’re taking the Shinkansen, we recommend packing your first day’s things in a handcarry and everything else in a suitcase. Then use the “takkyubin” courier service in the airport arrivals area (the biggest company is Yamato with the logo of a black cat on a yellow background) to send your luggage to the accommodation. Just show the staff the address and they’ll do the rest, and your bags will arrive 24 hours later. No stress and it is about JPY 2500 per suitcase, depending on the size.

Tip #2: Train station office

They speak English and if you have children, they can offer child discount on the train tickets! International credit cards are accepted.

Tip #3: Reserved seats

Most trains have a mixture of Grand Class, Reserved Seats and Non-Reserved Seats. There are some trains that only has reserved seating, so take care not to board those trains. The best way to know is to get your tickets via the train station office.

If you are travelling in a group and would prefer to sit next to one another, it is best to get tickets with reserved seats.

Tip #4: Avoid local trains

Narita Airport to Tokyo: Take the Narita Express train – 64min.
The local train is too slow.

Nagano to Iiyama: The Shinkansen takes 11 minutes and costs JPY 2860.

The local train takes 47 minutes and costs JPY 530.

Tip #5:

Check this site for train schedules, rates and even platform numbers! There is a possibility that the platform numbers might change so do check the main board at the station.